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            皮革博物館 leather museum


            The leather city museum project is located on the west side of the fur square in the leather city, between the Carson building and the Fur building. It has three floors and a building area of 3,400 square meters.It is mainly used to display the corporate culture, development course, leather fashion, leather history, Party innovation and other main contents of Haining China Leather City.


            Haining China leather exhibition hall has three floors. According to the functional orientation and theme demands of the museum, each floor is relatively independent in content logic and form design, and perfectly constitutes the overall plot of the museum.It can meet the visit needs of different audiences and the reception needs of different situations.


            The first floor, as the opening and finishing work of the exhibition in the whole museum, stands high and has a broad vision.It mainly shows the development, current situation and cultural connotation of Haining leather city.


            The second floor is divided into two parts: Haining leather city enterprise exhibition hall is elegant, exquisite, dazzling, fashion, the world leather history culture and leather art exhibition hall is massive, elegant, creating a historical cultural sense.


            The third floor is the exhibition hall for the Party of the enterprise, which shows the care and cultivation of various levels of governments for the leather industry of Haining, the continuous innovation and development of the people in leather city under the guidance of the Party.


            The construction of Haining China leather museum is not only conducive to summarizing experience, developing development ideas, but also to show the overall strength of Haining leather industry and Haining China leather city.After its completion, the museum will become another new name card for the overseas publicity and exhibition of the Haining leather industry, which will effectively enhance the external image and popularity of the Haining China leather city and promote the further development of the Haining leather industry.

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