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            A Little About American Acrylics USA LLC

            Located in South Milwaukee, Wisconsin, American Acrylics USA LLC is a privately-owned company dedicated to providing quality manufactured products from sheet plastic.

            We are a full service plastic fabrication company providing a complete process from design and prototyping to packaging and shipping. Our goal is to provide high quality and useful products with attractive pricing.

            American Acrylics USA LLC understands the value of personalized service. When you contact us, you will speak with a specialist that can best serve you. Have a technical question? You will speak directly with our tech person. Have a question about a design, sale or marketing aspect? Speak directly with a person that can best serve you.

            We are all here for your project's need. We welcome the opportunity to become a vendor that you can rely on for prompt, personalized service.

            Community Involvement

            American Acrylics USA LLC understands the importance in being involved in the community and providing opportunities to students. One way we have done this is by sponsoring MORE Robotics, visit the MORE Robotics website for more information.


              108 11th Avenue
              South Milwaukee, WI, 53172


            Phone : (414)766-1000
            Fax : (414)766-1001